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Introduction to materials

TLB-FD is made of PTFE as the main material, which is made of copper powder and other additives. The products are widely used in the chemical industry, hydraulic machinery, steam locomotive, office machinery, textile machinery, door hinge and other light load but need self-lubricating Of the occasion.

Physical and mechanical properties
Performance Related data
Maximum load pressure P Static load 80 N/mm2
Dynamic load 40 N/mm2
Maximum linear velocity V Dry friction 1m/s
Oil lubrication 1m/s
Operating temperature:-195 ℃ - + 260℃

Product Features
  The product uses a special formula of high-density copper alloy strip as the substrate, the surface can be requested by the user rolling diamond or hemispherical oil hole, oil tank.
Products with high density, bearing pressure, wear resistance, long life and other advantages to replace the traditional cast copper sets, you can reduce the mechanical volume and reduce costs.
  Products can be widely used in lifting machinery, construction machinery, automobiles, tractors industry, machine tool industry and mining machinery, can also be made of bearings, flanging sleeve, thrust washers and ball bowl and other forms.


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