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FZ Linear bearing series




product description

  FZL (aluminum base); FZP (resin-based) steel ball retaining ring, respectively, copper alloy, hard aluminum alloy, POM resin as the matrix, and its outer surface On the processing of the orderly, the size of the appropriate shape of the hole, in its hole in the rolling bearing steel ball. The orifice uses the latest groove circumferential locking ball technology, effectively solving the traditional point of the ball and indentation of the ball can not completely prevent the ball off the problem. Hole at the end of the processing of 90o stop so that the ball in the hole free to turn without falling off. Since the diameter of the steel ball is larger than the wall thickness of the retaining ring, the ball is held above the retaining ring and the outer surface is in contact with the mating hole and the shaft so that the base (retaining ring) floats in the middle and matches Hole and shaft radius difference is less than the ball diameter, that is, with the ball with the interference fit, with high precision, shaft and hole relative movement flexibility. Is to keep the replacement of the product.

Advantages and uses

  The traditional motion of the hole and the shaft is a certain gap, and the hole between the movement of the friction coefficient is larger, the use of steel ball to keep the circle, the shaft and the hole is not in direct contact, but the middle through a trace Surplus ball, so the movement of high precision, rolling friction instead of sliding friction, rolling flexibility, friction coefficient is small, long life, both in the rotation and moving occasions, with oil or refueling sleeve and axis match , Although able to meet. But the movement accuracy is low, with the rolling bearing, can only meet the relative rotation of the shaft occasions, and the ball to keep the circle, the above two conditions can be met, has been widely used in rolling die rolling mold, high precision machine tools, machine tool accessories As well as the need for high precision axial radial simultaneous movement.


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